Day One

Day One done! Need to work in more water, but I feel good so I’m not going to stress. Dinner was Shrimp, Zucchini & Tomatoes.


Dinner was Shrimp, Zucchini & Tomatoes.



  1. That looks tasty!

    I don’t do well pre-cooking shrimp but I’m a bulk-cooker, who typically eats the same lunch everyday. I’m used to it, it’s cheaper that way and of course, I only have to cook one vat of food to go to for each time. I also typically eat the same breakfast and let’s face it, the same supper BUT breakfast, lunch and supper are different, often with changes in supper.


      • Mostly fridge but I freeze if I make something VERY time consuming, like broth/stock. Plus, that’s always MAMMOTH in size, like I’ll do over a gallon, usually cooking something with it THEN for the week and freezing the rest of the stock in sizes that would be a base for a pot of soup.

        With shrimp, I’d cook, then freeze. I’ll have my base meal (usually veg well-seasoned/ sauced since I can’t eat legumes or most grains) and then toss a portion of frozen shrimp in at night on top of a single base (refrigerated), it’s mostly thawed by AM and ready to go my next midday.

        But that’s just with shellfish cos it’s something you need to be careful with. Normally, I cook a bunch on Sunday and then maybe one evening during the week.

        This week, I cooked what Americans call Irish potato salad (it’s mostly cabbage but I added some more veg) and tomatoes. I rarely eat potatoes but this was like 1/2 cup in each day’s meal and grilled sausages (chicken but I eat whatever). I allowed them all to cool, then did my daily portions in fridge.

        Later in week, I cooked about 1/2 gallon (size, raw) okra from the garden and a pound of beef with some veg added in after the beef was cooked and drained (I used 93% lean beef to start anyway). I have none of the chicken left and one serving of the beef, which I’m getting ready to eat!

        I use various meal-replacement shakes for breakfast (1st breakfast!!!) as long as they’re gluten free and have digestive enzymes added. I do NOT use a whole shake. I use anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 (brands vary). The ones I like are based upon dehydrated veg and protein (non dairy). They don’t taste good and I don’t care.

        Later, I’ll eat a boiled egg. Sometimes I chose to eat 97% fat free Canadian bacon instead or some other leftover meat. I find getting lots of protein makes me less likely to binge at the time and later.

        Also: I’m not fat-phobic but fat retains a lot of weird commercially farmed BAD stuff, so if it’s not organic (which is most of the time), I go low fat. If it’s organic, I’m happy to get the fat because it contains very, very good nutrients for a human body!! Just ya know, not too much is better than too much. Some (without the scary commercial crap in it) is VERY good.


      • I don’t care what brand shake and go for content: protein, non-dairy and if it doesn’t have digestive enzymes, it had better be cheap cos then I have to take a capsule with it (increasing cost). Currently I’m using Orgrain (I think, it was from Costco). It tastes okay but doesn’t have the enzymes.

        I also do a lot of Raw Meal by garden of life. I hate it but it meets my nutrition standards, so it’s on auto-delivery from amazon. Yuck but as I said, whatever.

        I took Shakeology for over 3 years til my Celiac diagnosis. Nothing in is HAS gluten but they do NOT worry about cross-contamination and my digestive tract is permanently damaged from not knowing for years, so I have zero tolerance (can’t even digest broccoli or garlic and a bazillion other things — which don’t have gluten but I’m saying that many decades of damage and you are effed).

        Let’s see, there’s another one I like-ish but is almost as much as Shakeology but 100% gf…I can’t recall. I stopped using it only due to price. I only mix with water and drink it all down at once. I *so* don’t give a rip so long as I get my nutrition in. ;/

        I looked at the medifast site. They have a lot of gf options but no ONE place to click ‘add this programme.’ Foolish on their part cos who wants to dick around with going back and forth. If I can only eat 30 of your products (15, whatever), put them in the bloody thing already! It’s not like I can be tempted to add something else cos I CAN’T EAT ANYTHING ELSE. Ugh. I’m lazy 🙂


      • One other thing: those vats at costco of mixed spring greens? I eat a whole tub in a week, usually as a bed under meat or chili or egg salad or whatever. Also, when I don’t feel like cooking at all, that’s the bed under my lunch, which will only be a meat source on top, no dressing cos the dressing is whatever sauced-meat or whatever on top.

        Think of it as my grain or pasta replacement 🙂 plus: what’s faster than popping 2C of that on a plate?


      • I’m not a big salad eater, so all of my veggies so far have been incorporated into the dishes I’m making. Plus, as backwards as it sounds, I have to track and limit my veggies to specific servings so it’s not common to have a side salad. Maybe when I get further in the program and become a bit bored or lazy 🙂


      • I don’t do side salads. My greens are very important for magnesium and potassium (always low with malabsorption) plus, natural fibre and filler. Again I don’t love it, I just need it, so I put something tasty on top 😀

        I get what you’re saying about tracking cos I track everything I eat, even binges and booze! I have to with the medical thing. When they say, ‘you’re low on potassium, eat a banana.’ (ridiculous as there’s actually not a lot of p in bananas)

        I can whip out everything I ate over the last several years, proving that I got more than enough potassium, it just doesn’t WORK in my body.

        The last time this tracking helped was that ignorant ahole of a dr that I fired, who kept insisting I was NOT eating enough dairy (though she was instructed 100X that I can’t DO DAIRY, have to rely on other means).

        I was able to whip out that nutrient intake? I get like 3 times what a nursing mother should get. Yup. Handy!


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