Today has been hard.

Today has been a bit hard for me. I’m getting hungry sooner than my next meal, I have a headache, I’m tired and feel flushed. I have a feeling it’s either related to the fact that I didn’t get as much water as I should have yesterday or that today is day four on this low carbohydrate diet so I must be entering (or have already entered) ketosis – possibly both.

BUT! I’m trying to keep positive. Drinking lots of water and just concentrating on where I want to be – not where I am now. I wont always be on this diet – and I need to remember that. Depending on my success, I could be in transition by Christmas!

Two things that I want to find solutions for:

  • Coffee in the morning (I never need it when I wake up, I need it about an hour after I get to work)
  • Curbing hunger when I’m an hour away from my next meal

Looking around on the MF community site, a lot of people suggest using one of my shakes in my coffee to sweeten and lighten – but I don’t want to lose that meal. People also mentioned I could use 1/2 cup of almond milk – and it would count as one of my three condiment servings – which I am thrilled about!

375116957_701The community also suggested sipping on hot bullion when hungry – which I think is also very do-able. I don’t need something to replace a meal – so please no drastic comments about that – just sate my hunger for an hour.

So, while today has been hard (and it’ll likely get hard, its my sister’s birthday and apparently we’re have cookie cake to celebrate!) it’s almost over and then I’ll be one day closer to my first weigh in!



  1. I’ve heard the term medi-fast but don’t now any details. I did Atkins when the book came out (the real thing, not like when people say–you know what I’m saying once you’ve talked to people) but only stage one. I never adapted.

    Many years later, speaking to people who’ve lived a true Atkins lifestyle (off and on), they’ve provided more insight: a) being Celiac but undiagnosed, very well could’ve been a problem. Logically, you’d think it should help but being undiagnosed for over 20 years at that point, my digestive system was do damaged that I wasn’t absorbing stuff I needed — I still suffer from malabsorption and this is over 3 years after never eating gluten, not counting earlier cross-contaminations where somebody shared my spoon with their coffee, that had gluten-containing ingredients in it or whatever) and b) having OTHER autoimmune diseases means some people just don’t adapt – they can eat low carb but not VLC.


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