Day Five

Day five done! I had a much better day than yesterday – which is great because I was feeling really disheartened that it was only my fourth day and I was feeling less than “okay”. I can accept not feeling great while on such a  restrictive diet – but I don’t think I can accept often feeling like I did on Wednesday.

Some changes I made: I had coffee (YAY!) with a half cup of almond milk in the morning before my second meal and I sipped on a cup of chicken bouillon after lunch but before my fourth meal.

The coffee was still too bitter for me, but I forced it down. I’m going to contact Nutritional Support to get confirmation about condiments and artificial sweeteners because I need more than one packet of Splenda.

The bouillon was very satisfying and I felt like it was the best tip I’ve heard so far! Sipping it reminded me of when would go to the local sushi restaurant and get a bowl of Miso soup; I would enter this moment of Zen as I sipped – calm, quiet, soothed, contemplative – which might sound might sound foolish but it 100% honest.

Dinner was Sandy’s Vegetable Quiche and was so good I began eating it before taking a picture – sad because it looked very pretty! It was easy to make, but took awhile to prep as I need to chop and shred everything. But it was my first time, I’m sure it’ll go MUCH faster next time, especially if I chop and shred in the morning and then combine and bake once I get home. It was, as warned and praised, VERY filling – perfect L&G to split up and eat twice in a day. 

Only two more days until Week 1 Weigh In!


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