Day Six

Day six, done! It was a Friday, and I kept busy (to avoid thinking about what I couldn’t eat, even though I wasn’t hungry) by starting a Ruby course on Code Academy. Had ballet RIGHT after works so I ate a MF meal instead of starting dinner – so I ate my dinner pretty late, which I didn’t enjoy as much. Dinner was Sandy’s Spicy Tomato Shrimp with Zucchini Pasta – the second time I had it this week. This time I drained the tomatoes and added the red pepper flakes – but it was still too watery and then too spicy (for me) so I might retire or change up that one. 



  1. Maybe drop the pepper at all and try things like basil or onions? Garlic is a natural suggestion but it can be ‘hot/spicy’ for those who don’t like heat. Onions SHOULD not add heat (though some can get hot but not usually, especially if you choose SCALLIONS). It would add a healthy veg, too. Probably already has onion in it but I’m thinking more for flavour?

    RE: watery: I’m assuming you’re using tinned tomatoes? Yes, drain them but also get a colander or even a sieve (hard mesh) that PRESS them to squeeze out moisture. I, too, prefer a thick sauce. My chili doesn’t even have a soupiness to it anymore. I only allow that when making it for others.


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