My First Weigh-In

I woke up this morning, both nervous and excited to weigh-in, not to mention hungry (<— nothing new, I always wake up hungry) – but still waited until about 8am to weigh myself.

Results: 2.6lbs

I’m not going to lie – I’m disappointed. After reading so many other’s grand successes, I was looking for some of the same. I have been 100% On Plan the entire week. Only three days did I have approved snacks and I always stuck within my condiment limits. Looking at the nutrition breakdowns I never went above 100 grams of carbohydrates and only twice did I go passed 90 grams. I was committed!

But, I need to face the facts. Most of the people who are on the MF support forums are long time “losers” and also started at weights tripling my own. I’m fortunate not to be morbidly obese, so I can only guess that the more you have to lose the quicker you’ll lose. Also, I began menstruating on day four – which can effect results (though for some women its good and others it’s bad) – but I wont know how it effected them until NEXT Sunday.

Starting this week, I’m going to add a second walk into my daily routine and try to get up to 10K steps rather than my current 5K. Most days I’m surpassing 5K anyway, so I don’t think it’ll be too taxing on my system during the acclimation period.

I always felt that I was an accepting person – logical and realistic. So I don’t know why I didn’t keep my expectations low, and why I’m being so hard on myself right now. Perhaps its because I know I don’t want to be on this diet for long, but I don’t want to give it up if I’m getting results. But I will give up before its time if I’m not getting good enough results. I wanted them to be so amazing so I’d feel stupid for quitting. But, they’re average. Average is easy to drop.

Luckily, on top of being an accepting person, I’m also oddly optimistic. I have a lot of theories as to why I didn’t get a stellar weigh-in today and only time will bring light to those theories.

So, until next week – I’m staying 100% On Plan.



  1. Hey! 2.6lb on 5’2″ is HUGE. I don’t care what another 5’2″ person says cos I’m a 5’2″ person! 😀

    Recall: for every inch about 5′ it’s sort of like saying 1lb = 5lb.

    So, if a 5′ person lost 2lb, it’d be like me losing 10lb.

    For me losing the 6lb* I have over the last month, it’s like my 5’5″ coworker losing right, something, I can’t do maths. Hang on, how embarrassing…21? Is that right? Point is:

    I couldn’t put on my size 8 trousers. This was a problem cos while it was 100F a month ago, I knew our autumn chill was going to hit SOON.

    I now can put on my size 6s, though not super-comfortably. Plus, I’m not firm, just smaller, which is a start.

    So. I’m sure you’re taking other measurements but PLEASE don’t be down about 2.6lb cos that’s fan-damned-tastic.

    * As you know, I don’t actually give 2 craps about scale weight BUT it’s such a quick measure and I’m weighed every freaking time I see a dr, which is often, including last night.

    I care about (let’s be honest) how I look and what clothes I can fit in. I love to take size measurements but that takes about 5″ and I’m lazy. Pulling on a pair of jeans yesterday was a fun (I could wear them!) way to tell.


      • Also, it may not be right for your body type. I’m hippy and arm-y but otherwise function best full of muscle. It was the norm, growing up doing at least 4 hours menial labour a DAY, every day, until I moved away at 15!

        I’m not so much meant to sit. I know nobody is but I mean, I was a STRONG LASS, slinging 70lb bales of hay was normal as a KID.

        I couldn’t pick up 70lb now if I tried and maybe shouldn’t (I mean with my arms, lower body, yes, but not actually at the moment–can totally do it when I’m in shape).

        Not all bodies are the same. Your norm shouldn’t really be mine, right?


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