Moving Forward with Medifast

Today I ordered singles of a bunch of MF food that I was interested in – from pancakes to their “quick” L&G meals. I was playing it safe with my first order, but now I want to branch out and make sure I’m getting as close as I can to the best of both worlds in regards to this diet. My family had pancakes on Sunday morning and I thought to myself, “Why didn’t I order the pancakes?” 

My thoughts when ordering my first batch was to keep to easy to prepare foods that are as grab and go as possible. I had no idea if this was going to conflict with my schedule, or cause me frustration if a lot of preparation was necessary when I was really hungry. Pancakes are not grab and go and I’d have had to order a box of seven of them (this was before I found out I could have ordered singles). But now that I’m getting more comfortable with the idea of “anticipating” my meals, I think that whisking some pancake mix together occasionally is more than do-able.

I also requested an exchange for some of the meals I’ve tried but really disliked – such as the oatmeal and the sloppy joe. I wish I could have just gone to my local center, but I think since I ordered through MF directly that it wouldn’t work. Besides, I’m not going to make that mistake in the future – what with trying the singles. 

Are there any MF users out there, with tips and tricks for enjoying their selection? Have you ever returned a product – or just suffered through the box and never ordered again?


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