Even if.

I’m getting close to the end of week 2 on Medifast, and I’m still feeling good. Better than good, actually!

Its true what almost everyone said; after the first three or four days your cravings fade. I used to be on this teeter totter of cravings – mainly between salt and sweet – and I felt like I was constantly trying to get a balance but never could because I would douse each carving so much that it would trigger an opposite. I’d devour (happily, I want to be honest) a bag of chips and then need – NEEEEED – a cold, bubbly sweet soda. Extreme salt followed by extreme sweet. Over and over and over and over again. The MF food is so mild, something many complain about, that none of my cravings are triggered. The only thing I crave is water – and that’s rare because I’m knocking back 64+ ounces a day On Plan.

Something that I didn’t see anyone mention, in all my research of bloggers and forum members following Medifast, is that 95% of women who follow a ketogenic diet have a cessation of menstruation. On day four I began to menstruate, which was odd because I’m on hormonal birth control and was in the middle of my cycle. I went online a few days later, wondering if it was connected to my diet. That’s when I found a few well versed pages talking about studies recorded of epileptic patients who were using ketogenic diets to control seizures. In these studies, some had their calories reduced and lost weight and others had no reduction in calories and therefore did not lose weight. Regardless of their calorie range, 95% of the women had a partial or complete cessation of menstruation until they returned to a normal diet. Most theorize that the female body responds to ketogenic diets in the same way it responds to starvation. I have been menstruating lightly for seven days now. That’s the longest I’ve ever experienced in the time I’ve been tracking. 

After reading the articles, I had a short moment of panic. While I’m anxious to lose weight, I’m not anxious to harm my body. But then I remembered how great I’ve been feeling! Free from the cravings and sleeping well but still having energy at the end of the day to spend time with my kids. I’m not hungry often and I’m thoroughly enjoying my L&G meals, including cooking them myself. I’m not losing a drastic amount of weight, and I’m not exercising heavily either. While the third day was pretty terrible, I haven’t had another day like it and I’m going to keep going.



  1. You know I read all kinds of stuff, often confusing facts and rarely remembering where the feck to go to sort it out again. ::sigh::

    Anyway, I seem to recall carbs affect estrogen. So much so that Paleo (and you know I don’t buy into the Grok thing, I like science and biochemistry, though) doctors will put their cancer patients (and MS and basically everybody with serious CHRONIC illness) on the VLC version of paleo (for my purpose here, I’ll say strict real foods with no dairy or grains at all, there are a million versions of paleo where some people continue with other grains or raw dairy).

    Symptoms go into remission — not saying cancer does but their blood counts improve whilst receiving chemo or in MS and epilepsy, those symptoms go away. People tend to think of lupus and other autoimmune (AI) diseases when using paleo for health but it seems the VLC version is AMAZING for any kind of neuropathic or hormone-driven diseases (they are different but amazingly seem to see similar improvement).

    In short: I’m 100% not surprised that your hormones are affected by card restriction.

    I don’t know if you count net carbs or all carbs. If I count net carbs, I typically get under 100g. Mind you, I’m not trying. Therefore, you find where I was yesterday about half the time, at a typical American 200g. I binged, mind you, on anything. Happily beef or bowls of chex. Just saying…

    But if I eat REAL FOOD (nothing from boxes), I just about can’t get up to 100g, even eating plenty.


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