Hmm, does 8 years really make a difference?

I’ve been getting about an average of 7K steps and climb between 9 and 12 flights of stairs (go, go, two story house!) every day, but I haven’t been doing anything else. Today, after my glorious weigh-in, I was re-energized about my weight loss and ready to help it out a bit with some additional exercise. I also own an elliptical machine, and remember really enjoying using the elliptical in the past when I’ve had successful weight loss (2005).

Medifast says to not do anymore than 45 minutes of exercise a day, so I was planning on doing at least 30 – not including warm up and cool down. I was going to take it slow, to get to at least 30 minutes. Well… that didn’t happen.

I was only able to get to 20 minutes, and that included my warm up and cool down. It was a lot harder than I remember, and I hate that. I wasn’t looking for “easy”, but I wasn’t looking for “HARD” either. Plus, I only burned 200 calories and I thought I would have burned a lot more considering how much I was sweating!

But… 200 calories in 20 minutes is pretty good. Along with my walks during the day, I can burn close to 500 calories and in short bursts no less. Gotta take what I can get, right?



  1. I know that I’m spamming you and I’m sorry. I’m really enjoying your shares and I’m on here like an hour now (between getting up and doing laundry changes, etc.).

    I have to say, when I’m not in the mood / mindset to workout, what is amazing is how much a 10 minute video does for me.

    In specific (I don’t know if they have droid), I bought a STRETCHING app cos I needed to do recovery stuff for my spine and just would NOT do my physiotherapy stuff that I paid so much money for over the years. I’m not burning calories here but it’s something for HEALTH that needs to be DONE and I wouldn’t do it. Well, LoLo makes workout apps and their stretching one has a programme for recovery. I’m in week 3 (though it has been a month, I still skip some days) and feel so much better!!!

    It’s a huge thing for me. It helps me. It also helps that all I’m doing fits under 10 minutes.

    On SP, they do these 10 minutes of fitness challenges all the time. I’ve done a few when I don’t feel like doing anything else. It’s great for the same reason: you’re done before you even realise!

    And it’s free. You may not get a bikini body but you WILL build a habit and start feeling better after only a few days. That always surprises me how so small an effort can reap such wins.


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