Gentle Retooling

Its Friday, and I’ve been doing the Chris Powell carb cycling (classic) method for about five days. Eating the food has been easy, even if constantly preparing food is not. It’s certainly something I’ve been passing on doing for a good year (or ten) so I’m not surprised that it’s hard – even if I simply wished it easy.

I think the biggest hurdle we dealt with this week was shrinkage after cooking – most particularly in regards to the lean meats. We bought the specified amount of chicken, steak & ground turkey and we’ve run out of all three of those items and we still have two days of the meal plan to follow. Another issue – which was just a “oops” on my part – was the fact that my husband was supposed to be getting nearly twice as much when it came to protein and complex carbs so that also worked against us in the meat department. Next week, we’ll do much better!

The other hurdle was carving out the time to prep the food. We prepared and packaged only one meal that we’d be eating throughout the week (a turkey & veggie bowl, which we ate 3x equating to 9 servings) and just cooked the others on demand. But I didn’t really like that, since one night I got so consumed with the kids and cleaning that I had to eat a non-scheduled meal for dinner because it was On Plan and already prepared – not a big deal, but stressful.

The goal for the upcoming week: Smarter shopping and more prep! We tried to do it on Sunday, but Sunday got away from us. I’m going to try much harder to get it done this time!


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  1. If you don’t already have a costco membership, it’s Very reasonable for the basic level. Not everything there is super cheap but many items are amazingly cheap.

    Ppl always say, ‘it’s just me and my husband…’ Well I buy as a Singleton!!

    Totally worth it in savings for me, plus the fuel is cheaper when I’m there. It’s an 120mi RT too.

    You can buy huge packs of meat and for that matter large rotisserie chickens for $5 each. Lots of pre-cooked goodness! I give the skin to Bobby.


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