I know what you’re thinking: another weight loss blog…

You’d be right – clever you!

I’m like you – probably.  A young(ish) mother of two who works full time and is now and has always been overweight. Born in 1983, I grew up with two parents oblivious to proper diet and exercise and generally just glad that I was still in school, not on drugs, and didn’t ask about contraceptives. To my parents, if I played outside and didn’t have cake every night then I’d be fine. To my doctor, if I promised to eat lots of veggies and stay away from cigarettes then I’d be fine.

But in reality, with the explosion of heavily processed and easily portable foods in the early ’90s, exercise and lack of cake was not enough. With that being said, promising to eat veggies and not smoking was even less effective (who’d of thought?!) Toss in puberty and middle school (where it was suddenly very un-cool to do anything physical) and you’ve got a recipe for wide hips, heavy thighs, and lots of soul crushing teasing.

Ah, to be young again… But I digress!

This blog is for me (first and foremost) and perhaps you. Maybe you’re looking for someone to inspire YOU on your journey. Maybe you’ve already succeeded and are looking to spread your inspiring wings 🙂 Maybe you are just bored and want to chuckle at the fat people bemoaning the loss of cake? Whatever it is – I’m glad you’re here and I hope you’re not a troll.


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