Week 4, Day 5

If you haven’t been keeping up, my weight has been pretty steady these last two-ish weeks, and the more days that go by with little to no weight loss the more I’m rethinking continuing fully with Medifast. I really believed Medifast and the science behind the diet would deliver no-nonsense weight loss that was engineered to work. But obviously this is like everything else in regards to a persons health: what works for some doesn’t work for others. Nutritional Support was really no help, as they told me exactly what their website says (everyone loses at different rates, menstruating women will see fluctuations around ovulation, drink lots of water, blah blah blah) so I don’t even have any clue what I’m doing wrong.

I’ve tried my best to be 100% On Plan this week, so I’m sure I would have seen better results by now. It’s not as though my body goes to sleep Saturday night, with some kind of report card on how well I’ve done, and THEN rewards me with lost pounds – as nice as that imagery is 😀 No, it should be happening every day, all week. At this point, I’ve got two days to lose weight, as I’m only 0.8 ounces less than I was two weeks ago.

Most people, when I talk about Medifast and how it works, are most skeptical of the very low net calories and not the carbohydrates. I’m wondering, if I were to increase my calorie range without increasing my carbohydrate range, if I would have better results? There are a lot of zero to very low carbohydrate foods I could add that would increase my fat, protein and calories but that’s it. Tuna is the first that comes to mind 😀 Interesting theory, that I might test depending on Sunday morning’s weigh in.


Dinner for me has become a very fun experience! Its something I look forward to since I’m succeeding at the effort and I get to keep “practicing” some yummy recipes or even trying something new. Interested in trying something new? Check out the few meals listed on my Recipes page. On that same page you’ll find some of the food staples I’ve been relying on since starting Medifast – which I’m sure anyone can incorporate into their own diets – low carbohydrate or not.

Got a suggestion for a good, low carbohydrate high protein meal? Share it in the comments!

My Second Weigh-In

Today was my Week 2 Weigh-In and the results are in… *drumroll*

6.4 pounds!

I’m overjoyed to realize that I’ve lost nearly 10 pounds and it’s only been two weeks. Like most people who become over weight enough to try a dramatic diet such as Medifast, I just want this weight GONE so I can try my hand at successfully eating a balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight. It’s always been that “grass is always greener” scenario for me, so far as I’ve always assumed if I could just get the weight off I’m mature and disciplined enough to keep it off. I’m done with enjoying life via food and ready to reap the rewards of that change.

I’m also relieved that it’s working because I feel very trapped by my previous dieting results and I don’t want to start over on a new plan. Choosing a lifestyle is one thing, dieting for weight loss is another.

This is the end of my second week, and it’s within the first two weeks that most MF users have the biggest loss, so I’m going to revel in this as long as I can and then properly prepare myself for a more realistic weigh-in next week… as long as it’s at least 2 pounds 😛

Day Three done!!! 

I was a little thrown off by having to come home from work and cook dinner for the kids, so I decided to eat my evening MF meal at 5:30pm instead of my L&G meal. It was adaptable, but I still ate some pickles as a snack. 


My L&G meal was something I was craving, because it was SO good, Sandy’s Egg Young Fu! It was just as yummy as Monday night 😀