For the diet portion of my plan, I’m currently following the Medifast Weight Loss plan. Medifast Weight Loss is ketogenic – an extremely low carbohydrate meal replacement diet that causes your body to enter a fat burning mode in the absence of carbohydrates. Medifast (MF) has three different stages, unlike most other meal replacement plans, beginning with Weight Loss and then shifting to Transition once you’ve hit your goal weight and ending with Maintenance. This is my first time trying MF, but I’ve tried other meal replacement plans and I’m encouraged by the fact that MF has a plan to transition from their diet to an everyday diet.


During the first three weeks of starting MF, they suggest keeping exercise to a minimum – but encourage walking. I use a Fitbit to count my steps and stairs/floor and have it at a goal of 5500 steps at the moment. Once I’m passed the initial three weeks, I intend to start daily workouts using my in home elliptical. I’ve found that treadmills are too hard on my knees but I also haven’t tried using an elliptical since I gave birth, though I’m still dealing with postpartum disability issues.


For tracking food and water, I’m using the MF app on my Android as it tracks not only the nutritional values but the number of meals – which is a key feature of the MF dieting method (five MF meals, one protein & veggie meal). However, the app is limited, so I’m anticipating switching back to MyFitnessPal once I’ve got the hang of things so I can include my  Fitbit information.


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