MF Tips & Tricks

Food Choices

If I haven’t listed it, it’s because I haven’t tried it
* = Favorites
Nope = Don’t recommend at all


  • Caramel Crunch – A bit too sweet for me, but good.
  • *Cinnamon Roll Crunch Bar – Very good!
  • Fruit & Nut Crunch Bar – Very good, not too sweet.
  • S’mores Crunch Bar – Very good!

Bites, Pretzels & Puffs

  • BBQ Bites – I struggled to finish the bag and it left a bad after taste.
  • Cheese Pizza Bites – Mild and lots of crunching – good for munching.
  • *Honey Mustard Pretzels Sticks – A bit dry, but still a winner for me.

Cereal Crunch

If you’re considering getting the cereal – just do it. Probably the most satisfying thing that Medifast offers – breakfast, lunch, or a snack. Pair it with 4 oz of unsweetened almond milk to stay on plan.

  • *Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Cereal Crunch – AMAZING
  • Mixed Berry Cereal Crunch – AMAZING

Hearty Choices

  • Vegetarian Sloppy Joe – Too chewing for me, flavor was okay.
  • *Macaroni & Cheese – Good, creamier than I thought but also needed salt.
  • Vegetable Chili – Good, but additional spices make it better.
  • Ziti Marinara – Good, but be warned it smells better than it tastes ūüėÄ


  • Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal – Both of the oatmeals ¬†have almost no flavor, bad texture, bad after taste and a nauseating smell while cooking and hot. Once cool, it’s like glue.
  • Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal


  • *Chocolate Chip Pancakes – Great alternative to regular pancakes. ¬†All the pancakes¬†cook thin, so after cooking I stack my 3-4 for a good “cut”.
  • Spiced Pancakes – I prefer the chocolate chips, but this was good as well.
  • Syrup – Watery, but still hits the spot. The sugar free stuff you can find in the store is NOT ON PLAN. Check out the carbs, it’s amazing.

Pudding & Soft Serve

  • Vanilla Pudding – Bit gritty, but not bad.
  • Chocolate Mint Soft Serve – Hmm, still out on this one.
  • *Mango Soft Serve – Great!


  • Banana¬†Shake – Very tasty!
  • French Vanilla¬†Shake – Good mild “wake me up”
  • *Orange Cream¬†Shake – Very tasty!
  • Cherry Pomegranate Antioxidant Shake – Smell was close to children’s amoxicilian, even if the taste was not as bad.


  • ¬†*Triple Berry Smoothie – Very tasty! Loved the texture.

Soft Bakes

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Soft Bake – Good, but not as easy to prepare as I would like.
  • Brownie Soft Bake – Yummy, not too bitter.
  • *Blueberry Muffin Soft Bake – Yummy, the best texture out of the bakes.


  • *Tomato Basil Bisque – Good, but you need a whisk to make it the best it can be.
  • Wild Rice & Chicken Flavored Soup – This one grew on me.
  • Chicken Flavor Noodle Soup – Blah, tolerable.
  • Maryland Style Crab Soup – Odd texture and after taste.
  • *Beef Vegetable Soup – Best soup texture and flavor wise.

Preparation Tips

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bake
This is really thick and sticky, and preparing it with a fork or knife makes it hard to spread and you waste a lot. Instead: Use a toothpick! This allows you to mix the batter but will not be a waste of batter.

Smoothies & Soft Serve
Most blenders will be too large for the small amount of water and large amount of powder you add when making these two items. I find that crushing the ice first and then mixing the water & powder together before adding to the crushed ice for blending creates the smoothest texture as well as the easiest clean up. I use a Ninja (Master Prep) myself – which crushes ice well but has no speed variation.

If you’re just starting with Medifast, and/or the soups, buy the deepest bowl you can find. You don’t need a “big” bowl, but even now I have issues with boiling over in the microwave because they aren’t deep enough. A lot of people warned me about the beans in the soups – and soaking the soups in general – but I found that unnecessary. Sure, the beans are a bit tough – but it wasn’t enough to bother me.


Hungry now?
Invest in a package of bullion cubes. Sipping hot broth when you’re hungry may¬†sate your appetite enough. Keep in mind, this is not a MEAL REPLACEMENT but rather something to keep you on plan between meals. If you’re going to try this, make sure you’re tracking sodium – as bullion has a lot of sodium.

Still need coffee, but can’t drink it black?
Use Splenda (instead Truvia) and unsweetened almond milk. Even the sugar free creamer options provide about four times as much fat, carbs and calories as almond milk (1/2 cup is considered one of your three daily condiments)


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