Gentle Retooling

Its Friday, and I’ve been doing the Chris Powell carb cycling (classic) method for about five days. Eating the food has been easy, even if constantly preparing food is not. It’s certainly something I’ve been passing on doing for a good year (or ten) so I’m not surprised that it’s hard – even if I simply wished it easy.

I think the biggest hurdle we dealt with this week was shrinkage after cooking – most particularly in regards to the lean meats. We bought the specified amount of chicken, steak & ground turkey and we’ve run out of all three of those items and we still have two days of the meal plan to follow. Another issue – which was just a “oops” on my part – was the fact that my husband was supposed to be getting nearly twice as much when it came to protein and complex carbs so that also worked against us in the meat department. Next week, we’ll do much better!

The other hurdle was carving out the time to prep the food. We prepared and packaged only one meal that we’d be eating throughout the week (a turkey & veggie bowl, which we ate 3x equating to 9 servings) and just cooked the others on demand. But I didn’t really like that, since one night I got so consumed with the kids and cleaning that I had to eat a non-scheduled meal for dinner because it was On Plan and already prepared – not a big deal, but stressful.

The goal for the upcoming week: Smarter shopping and more prep! We tried to do it on Sunday, but Sunday got away from us. I’m going to try much harder to get it done this time!


Tempting, isn’t it?

My last post spoke about moving to a carb cycling plan within the next three weeks. Well, I moved that up – and started this week 😀 The truth is, once I’d lost the Medifast food momentum, the food was no longer keeping me full and I wasn’t interested in eating it so I would skip meals and become REALLY hungry and then regret it.

All last week I ate whatever I wanted, without tracking, even though I knew I was doing harm to my meager weight loss achieved with Medifast. There was a part of me that didn’t really care though, I just wanted to CHEW on something and consume real, filling foods. Granted, most of my choices were fast food – but I soon got that all out of my system and simply enjoyed homemade sandwiches and popcorn with hard cider.

I found a book, by Chris Powell, on carb cycling and decided to follow his plan. Then I sold my sister on it. Then I bullied my husband into it 😛 So now there’s three of us following it and I’m hoping that with everyone I eat with often on the plan we’re going to really succeed!

His plan is super easy: Monday, Wednesday & Friday you eat low carb meals – Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday you eat high carb meals – and on Sunday you reward yourself! Plus, every fourth week you eat high carb meals for that week – to “slingshot” through plateaus. I LOVE IT. He’s not big into counting calories or anything, but does give you some guidelines so you have an idea of how much is too much or too little. He also tells you what foods are off limits, so it’s an every day healthy diet – not pork rinds and cheese on low carb and Chinese noodles and white bread on high carb days.

Yesterday (low carb) I ate a teeny bit over 1200. Today I’m scheduled to eat a teeny bit over 1600. The calorie confusion coupled with the carb cycling is going to be a knockout combo – I can already tell!

He has an exercise plan too, but I’m going to be honest when I say that I’m going to get the food thing under control first and then add exercising. The last time I did that I had a lot of success, since it wasn’t too much on my body at once. I really wonder if that’s where I went wrong with Medifast, beginning to exercise too soon…?

In reference to the title of this post: Considering I had binged all last week, mainly during lunch, I was really apprehensive about getting on the scale and kept forgetting/putting it off. I finally got on this morning and was shocked to see a 3 pound weight loss! So, while it might be tempting to binge for a few weeks, I’m excited about the carb cycling.