All my stages are out of order.

I had my third weigh in on Sunday morning, and I was surprised to see not only a lack of weight loss but in fact weight GAIN. Only a few ounces, mind you, but gain all the same. After surprise, there was acceptance: plateaus happen. After acceptance, there was anger! Plateaus don’t happen after two weeks! An entire week, wasted! How is it I have so much fat for my body to burn now that it’s getting less carbohydrates, and yet it’s not doing that?

After anger, I got depressed. I really want this to work because I don’t think I’d have very much success on the other plans I’ve heard about. I want this to work because I’ve committed to it. I want this to work because it seems like it SHOULD work. But here I am, getting yo-yo results on a very steady and controlled plan. On top of that, my newest monthly order was just shipped so I’m financially committed to this for at LEAST another 5 weeks.

After depression, I became resolved to go HARD on my 100% On Plan promise. I don’t do many things that are off plan, but clearly something is effecting my results. I’m going to contact Nutritional Support (NS) and provide some details on my daily micro-nutrient totals as well as the condiments I’ve been using to see if any of them are the issue.

Last but not least, I’ve decided to weigh myself every morning now, instead of once a week. I think weighing in once a week is good for people who have lots of fluctuations that are inaccurate of the end goal – and are discouraged by those fluctuations. However, I don’t know if I’m one of those people, and waiting once a week to discover I didn’t lose anything is wildly anti-climatic. Already I’m glad I made that decision, because when I weighed myself this morning I had lost nearly two pounds since yesterday 😀


Dinner for me has become a very fun experience! Its something I look forward to since I’m succeeding at the effort and I get to keep “practicing” some yummy recipes or even trying something new. Interested in trying something new? Check out the few meals listed on my Recipes page. On that same page you’ll find some of the food staples I’ve been relying on since starting Medifast – which I’m sure anyone can incorporate into their own diets – low carbohydrate or not.

Got a suggestion for a good, low carbohydrate high protein meal? Share it in the comments!