Week 4, Day 5

If you haven’t been keeping up, my weight has been pretty steady these last two-ish weeks, and the more days that go by with little to no weight loss the more I’m rethinking continuing fully with Medifast. I really believed Medifast and the science behind the diet would deliver no-nonsense weight loss that was engineered to work. But obviously this is like everything else in regards to a persons health: what works for some doesn’t work for others. Nutritional Support was really no help, as they told me exactly what their website says (everyone loses at different rates, menstruating women will see fluctuations around ovulation, drink lots of water, blah blah blah) so I don’t even have any clue what I’m doing wrong.

I’ve tried my best to be 100% On Plan this week, so I’m sure I would have seen better results by now. It’s not as though my body goes to sleep Saturday night, with some kind of report card on how well I’ve done, and THEN rewards me with lost pounds – as nice as that imagery is 😀 No, it should be happening every day, all week. At this point, I’ve got two days to lose weight, as I’m only 0.8 ounces less than I was two weeks ago.

Most people, when I talk about Medifast and how it works, are most skeptical of the very low net calories and not the carbohydrates. I’m wondering, if I were to increase my calorie range without increasing my carbohydrate range, if I would have better results? There are a lot of zero to very low carbohydrate foods I could add that would increase my fat, protein and calories but that’s it. Tuna is the first that comes to mind 😀 Interesting theory, that I might test depending on Sunday morning’s weigh in.



I’m sick of the Medifast soup. The problem, really, is that I didn’t plan this month very well and ordered way too much soup and not enough breakfast and snack items. I’ve been choking down soup for 2-3 meals a day for the last week – NO MORE SOUP.

I went to the grocery store last night, armed with the nutritional breakdown of a MF crunch bar, and found a “decent” equivalent. Not surprising, it was from the South Beach Diet plan, and also not surprisingly – it was chocolate covered 😀

Medifast vs South Beach
Its lower in protein and calories while also being higher in carbohydrates, but they aren’t outside the range of acceptable – to me. I’m eating two today in replacement of the tired soup, so I added a pouch of chunk light tuna (in water) to my day as well to make up for the loss in protein and I’m going to skip on my “optional” snack in order to save the carbohydrates. When all is said and done, I’m finishing my day with 86 carbs – so still within range!

Luckily, I should be receiving a very small shipment of food this afternoon (just three boxes) and my larger shipment on Friday, so soon I’ll have variety again.